Growth Hormone Release Hormone

Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) and other peptides that cause release of your own Growth Hormone (GH). You can google that to find lots of information about natural ways to stimulate that. Revised July 27, 2023.

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GH injections are not healthy and are extremely expensive.

Ipamorelin and Sermorelin directly cause release of GH. CJC indirectly causes release of GH.

Here are some benefits of GH (GHRH will also do these things) – Growth hormone can:
– Rejuvenate and invigorate every cell in your body
– Help you burn fat and build lean muscle
– Lower lipid levels
– Improve your immune response
– Rejuvenate your skin & nails
– Fight fatigue and give you more energy
– Keep your moods more stable
– Return you to more normal sleep patterns
– Improve sexual performance
Prices may change. Approximate cost to patient varies from $70 per month to $100+. It does require a subcutaneous injection 5 nights a week – the amount injected is about 1/50th of a teaspoon using very tiny needle.

In adults GH should be called “body repair hormone” and “immune support hormone.” It is one of the most important hormones we have and most adults are not releasing as much as we should.

Several things are important to optimize release of GH. 1. Proper sleep – so if a person might have sleep apnea, they need a screening test (easy and not expensive). If you might have sleep apnea then you will need some kind of sleep study. 2. Certain exercises enhance release of GH. A book called Synergy fitness…” is about that. 3. There are supplements you can take which can help.

A test for GH is available – 24 urine test – Meridian Valley Lab – $159. MVL might change the price – I have no input about the price. Patient pays MVL – I do not get any Physician’s discount). Ask our office for a requisition – send that to them and they will send test kit directly to you. The directions for collecting a 24-hour urine are with the kit, but some people find it a little complicated. If you read the directions carefully and need help, make appt to see me for help. There will be a minimum charge of $65.

Office visit and payment must be made before a product will be ordered.