About Dr. Glanville

Dr. Paul Glanville is most excited about Bio-Identical hormone optimization (BHRT) and “high dose” thyroid treatment using natural desiccated pork thyroid medications (see the page about thyroid). He has been doing those things for 13 years.

He  began medical practice in 1973 and has been in continuous practice since that time.  He received his medical school degree from the  University of Wisconsin. His internship was at The Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, Virginia in 1972-73. He moved to Colorado in 2006. He has been board certified in Family Practice but prefers to call himself a General Practitioner.

In 2007 Dr. Glanville realized that he was not “aging” very well and began looking into “healthy aging”, first researching adrenal dysfunction, and low thyroid that is commonly missed by traditional Western medicine. Then in 2008 he found out about bio-identical hormones and was astounded at how they helped improve his own health.

Dr. Glanville is passionate about helping aging people get healthy again and staying healthy to have an active, joyful live and be an important part of the world community again. He believes too many “elderly” are “put out to pasture” which speeds up the lingering, miserable slow decline of their life that continues for the next 30 years! He believes elderly people can and should have a longer, healthier life past the usual “retirement” time – they can be active leaders in their community, adding back to others’ lives for decades.

Dr. Glanville is 76 years old and intends to continue practicing for many years.